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Mission and Vision

WikiPilipinas is an online, free content encyclopedia on the Philippines. In addition to encyclopedic entries on history, culture, sports, politics, and other knowledge areas, WikiPilipinas also features the following components:

  • A Who's Who of prominent Filipinos
  • A directory of schools, corporations, government institutions, and more
  • An almanac of useful and interesting records and data on the Philippines
  • A community portal for discussing and preserving the heritage of Tsinoys, Fil-Ams, Hispano-Filipinos, Moros, indigenous people, and other, similar groups in the Philippines

WikiPilipinas is an ongoing project written collaboratively by Philippine volunteers around the world in an effort to build the largest Philippine knowledgebase. With few exceptions, the contents of WikiPilipinas can be edited at any time, by anyone with access to the Internet, but contributions should be guided by the policies and guidelines that WikiPilipinas editors have identified. In this respect, WikiPilipinas is similar to Wikipedia; however, WikiPilipinas differs from Wikipedia in some very important ways.