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Even though wiki is a software program, generally people who work with wiki think of it more as a place. One of the key values in a wiki community is the understanding that it is all about the people, people, technology, people!

The way that a community can develop using a wiki is through RecentChanges. The challenge at this wiki that other smaller wiki don't have is that we have a flood/ firehose of Special:Recentchanges - so it is very difficult to see what the people you care about are working on or what content you care about is being worked on. One way that we at AboutUs have solved this problem is by creating a hand edited page, DailyBuzz to concentrate our work together. We can imagine communities doing that for themselves, as well as a technical solution of just viewing the RecentChanges an individual is interested in.

Wiki is the best tool that we have today. Better than email, weblogs, forums, just ... better.

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