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Assume Good Faith

Assuming good faith is a core value at WikiPilipinas. It means that we act on the assumption that everyone who makes an edit or creates a page is doing so to provide relevant, accurate information. No matter the change, we give people the benefit of the doubt and trust that they have come to build, not break, the community.

We realize that everyone makes mistakes, but the nature of a Wiki makes it easy to correct them. In fact, a wiki cries out for that kind of attention. It's how wiki pages become self-organizing. To assume good faith means that when we find an error and work to correct it, we remember that the person who made the error was also working to improve the resource and build the commons.

Because there is a history of all edits made to WikiPilipinas, it is easy to find edits that constitute vandalism or spam. To assume good faith in the face of evidence to the contrary, we assume that they don't understand the rules or social norms of WikiPilipinas. Perhaps they are excited by the ability to edit, and are unintentionally spamming. We must engage people to try to understand their intent and then explain our standards and acceptable practices.

Check out our editing guidelines on what constitute good edits at this wiki.