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What the Pinoy community is saying about WikiPilipinas
  • Back from Komikon Gerry Alanguilan's online journal posted November 18, 2007 featuring Komikon 2007, recommending's Komiks Encyclopedia.
  • WikiPilipinas Harell's blog on WikiPilipinas posted November 3, 2007. Quoting the blog "Let's just wait and find out what will happen. So far, wiki projects always succeed in the end." referring to WikiPilipinas. Check-out the comments about the blog too!
  • The Best of Rowjielogy (Volume 1) Anyway, before we finally end this season of Rowjielogy, I came up with a list of some of my favorite posts in the last few months… WikiPilipinas making the list!
  • eloowh!! short blog on WikiPilipinas posted by sw8shdybrt, September 24, 2007. "...maybe if i have to search something i will go to wikipilipinas because i think i can find it there."
  • More About and WikiPilipinas Cannibalou's blog posted September 16, 2007 at RandomiCity. "It's ultimate goal is to become the world's largest Philippine knowledge database. Like I said...big dreams and I love it!"
  • The Essence of Wiki Dennis Villegas blog posted on September 16, 2007. "...people in WikiPilipinas knew the true essence of the word "Wiki", which is collaborative effort."
  • Feeding the frogs in the well Thingfish' blog posted on Net News Asia, September 16, 2007. An excerpt from the article says "Like every local edition of Wikipedia, Wikipilipinas already suffers from the frog in the well syndrome: It's a regional ghetto of interest only to angry nationalists busy convincing one another that their country is doomed and that it's all someone else's fault."
  • Why I Believe in Wikipilipinas Dennis Villegas blog posted September 5, 2007. "Wikipilipinas may not be in the cup of tea of some intellectuals out there, but at least it gives a chance to the common Pinoys to be heard and read."
  • WikiPilipinas and Today’s Knowledge Revolution Annalyn Jusay’s published blog essay in Manila Bulletin’s TechNews section on August 28, 2007. It takes listening to Gus Vibal to be startled into awareness about the “new paradigm of publishing” that is now changing the whole industry. He talks about how wikis like WikiPilipinas has “democratized access to information” and promotes “participative content development.” This is all anchored on the Wiki’s idea of letting anyone who visits the site to edit the content or contribute more. ….The beauty of a wiki is that it compiles and aggregates all useful content, unlike going through a blog which may deal with one or two niches only. Hopefully WikiPilipinas will be as dynamic, colorful and vibrant as the country it represents.
  • The Hip ‘n Free Philippine Encyclopedia 8Asians blog posted by Mike August 27, 2007. If you know any Filipino history or information, I’m sure they’d love to get your help. While there’s already lots of info, many pages still have the note: “This article is a stub. You can help WikiPilipinas by expanding it.”
  • Wikipilipinas @ Read or Die Weblog Blog feature on WikiPilipinas press launch, August 22, 2007. She thinks that WikiPilipinas offers a lot more about the Philippines and may contain articles both of popular and academic content. By the way, she also mentioned WikiPilipinas sibling site, an excellent go-to partner on the web.
  • Maricar's blog on commenting that WikiPilipinas is the emerging web-based Philippine encyclopedia. It states that WikiPilipinas just might become the world’s largest repository of Filipino culture.
  • Blogger and komiks aficionado Dennis Villegas writes: "Wikipilipinas is definitely where you will prefer to hang-out when you are searching for any aspect of Philippine knowledge. This is an encyclopedia, almanac, fact-finder, rolled into one. You will no longer be bugged by your son or daughter for his or her school assignments, they too can find answers in their history or culture class in Wikipilipinas."
  • Rolly Pannini's critique of WikiPilipinas main feature Top 10 Lists He states: " I become an instant fan of the “Top Ten List” – medyo weird lang kasi yung hindi naman puro top 10 lang ang laman … minsan top 40 etc..etc.. so why Top Ten? Ewan." It made him nostalgic of December 31 year-end countdowns. Then he proceeds to make a critique on every one of WikiPilipinas top 10 lists. He recommends making a Top 10 list of Social Climbers, instead of Socialites. More useful he says. As for the Top 10 komik characters, he states rather annoyed, "Niknok was snubbed in the top ten characters in Philippine Komiks! Sino ba yung Kulafu na yun?"
  • Dina Racoma's blog coverage of Press Launch She writes: "What was striking was how (Vibal) acknowledged the influence of bloggers, which Chris Andersen describes as the Long Tail. A person with a small idea can defeat a big idea. Small ideas and blogs can have the same power as that written in say, the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Mr. Vibal called on the mainstream media to listen to the blogging community, as nowadays, blogs are widely read. A common person now has access to publishing power, through blogs."
  • Jocelynism's blog on WikiPilipinas states that "I am one of the millions of members of Wikipedia ( and is an occasional contributor of some Philippine related articles (which is of course under a pseudo name :p). And now, Filipinos have their own "wiki" - WikiPilipinas."
  • Angat Pinoy blog writes: "...wikis derive their power as a medium for distributing information through collective efforts of people who contribute pieces of information. The long tail phenomenon, as described by Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson, applies to sites like that harness user communities to make popular items that otherwise are unpopular commercially.Applied to Wikipilipinas, Vibal said the site allows every Filipino to become publishers in their own right. 'A culture is measured by the amount of information that exists about it. Right now, we are ranked outside of the top 40 wikis with more entries than countries like Thailand, Malaysia or Norway,' said Vibal, who has publishing experience in New York."
  • Qaadrian writes of the history lesson he has always been looking for "One of the things that came to mind when thinking of a name for my new baby was the fact that there was a Governor General to the Philippines who had the same last name as mine. Of course, his first name was 'Rafael.' I have no knowledge of Gov. Gen. Aguilar's character, nor of any details, whatsoever. I chose the name simply because it sounds regal, and connotes a place in History. Naturally, I hand an inkling to research about the governor general. I never realized how difficult it would be. It was only now, just as soon as I heard of WikiPilipinas, that I was able to find an article of substantial value. I am posting it here..." Full text at Rafael Ponce de Leon.
  • Wesley's behind-the-scene account of the exciting WikiPinas press launch He observes that WikiPilipinas is banking its success on the application of the "Long tail method" as advocated by Chris Anderson. "Long tail" would not only propel the website to the top of the Google search but would also attract new volunteers and users. He continues, "WikiPilipinas is also an advocate of Web 2.0, the website is a venue, not only for getting information but also of sharing and collaborating new contents. Users will now have the facility to interact, share, collaborate, and disagree on a myriad of topics and subjects about the Philippines. Aside from Web 2.0 and the Long tail method, Gus Vibal believes that WikiPilipinas is one of the prime examples of 'Copyleft' as opposed to copyright. Copyleft would provide all users with the freedom to redistribute and and modify contents..."
  • The Wikipedia vs. WikiPhilippines Turf War Written by Nino Gonzales of Wikipedia Philippines. Sharing his dreams and sentiments about the progress of Philippine studies and historiography to better understand ourselves as Filipinos. And such vision of his was aligned with what and WikiPilipinas founder Gus Vibal's goal as well. Quoting Nino, "This is why I’m all for WikiPhilippines, although I’m very much a Wikipedian who will continue the struggle to keep Wikipedia NPOV and NOR."
  • There is Currently No Point to Wikipiniana (aka WikiPilipinas) A reply essay on seav’s blog which generated once again 39 heated user comments. Seav states his arguments: 1) WikiPinas articles unlikely to rate higher thank Wikipedia’s, 2) lack of new content in WikiPinas, and 3) inherent bias in WikiPinas’s anti-neutral point of view.