Top 20 Philippine TV Shows of All time

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Walk down memory lane with this list of top Philippine television shows of the last 50 years. Ever since public television debuted in 1953 with Antonio Quirino's Channel 3, the television medium has been an integral part of Philippine culture and society. Here are the top twenty shows in rank order:

1) Ariel Con Tina starred humourous and fashionable Ariel Ureta with Tina Revilla. Ariel, however, ended the show after his co-host Revilla split her time between movies and children's shows.

2) The Bob Stewart Show was the daytime children's show hosted by former American war correspondent Bob Stewart who founded the Republic Broadcasting System.

3) Student Canteen was a popular daytime variety show starring dapper Eddie Ilarde and jolly Bobby Ledesma. Its popularity was eventually surpassed by Eat Bulaga!.

4) Balintataw pioneered cultural television with its emphasis on adaptation of literary plays for the medium. Channel 4's claim to fame and directed by Cecile Guidote-Alvarez who founded Philippine Educational Theater Association, Balintataw was a groundbreaking drama anthology that featured TV plays by Bert Florentino and world literary greats such as Anton Chekhov. It pioneered cameos of important movie stars such as Nora Aunor.

5) Tawag ng Tanghalan was an amateur singing contest where offkey contestants were abruptly stopped and summoned off-screen by a loud buzzer. Some of the big names in popular music scene were discoveries of this contest, such as Nora Aunor, Ric Manrique, Diomedes Maturan, Edgar Mortiz, and many more. It was hosted by Lopito and Patsy.

6) Oras ng Ligaya was a variety show of comedy team of Slyvia La Torre, Eddie San Jose, and Oscar Obligacion.

7) Gabi ng Lagim was the first TV horror show.

8) Dancetime with Chito started the dance craze even before the advent of dance instructors. It was hosted by the inimitable Chito Feliciano.

9) Seeing Stars with Joe Quirino a TV talk show hosted by the irrepressible Joe Quirino.

10) Two for the Road was an alcoholic's expression of tippling another drink before hitting the road. It featured the urbane banter and jokes of media icon Elvira Manahan. It was revived twice.

11) Aawitan Kita is an all-Filipino musical show featuring kundiman and ballads. It debuted post martial law and featured Armida Siguion-Reyna. The show is important especially because of Siguion-Reyna's rediscovery of long lost Tagalog and kundiman songs.

12) Superstar was Nora Aunor's star vehicle. She thrilled fans with this musical variety show.

13) Santa Zita and Mary Rose was the first show to dare take on TV programming addressed to household help. Santa Zita was the patron saint of domestics and Mary Rose was none other than Mary Rose Jacinto, its patron. The show was produced by lovable Jesuit Father James Reuter.

14) Kapwa ko Mahal Ko -hosted by actress Rosa Rosal, this show pioneered social and welfare help to those who are needy. This is one of Philippine television's longest airing show.

15. Batibot -any Filipino child who grew up in the early 1980s would certainly not forget this children's show that featured such lovable puppets as Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing, as well as real people like Kuya Bodjie and Ate Sienna. The educational show was patterned after Sesame Street, although in lovely Philippine setting.

16. Eat Bulaga -the definitve noon-time show in philippine television, Eat Bulaga is now on its third decade of bringing fun and entertainment to Filipino viewers. Hosted by Tito, Vic, and Joey, and an array of other hosts and hostesses, Eat Bulaga hits the number 1 ranking among noontime shows.

17. Spin-A-Win -a popular TV game show hosted by the beautiful Jeanne Young.

18. Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato -the first philippine drama program in television.



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