Top 10 Defunct Bazaars

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In the olden days, when malls are not yet a common sight in Manila, bazaars in downtown Manila were the place to go to for shopping. Many of these bazaars have closed down, unable to bear with the fierce competition offered by SM and Robinson Malls. Let us look back in time when shopping means going to the Manila Downtown, especially in the Escolta and the Avenida area. Here are the Top 10 Defunct Bazaars of Yesteryears, places our grandparents, parents, and maybe us as children went to during the good old days.

  1. C.O.D.
  2. Syvel's
  3. Heacock's
  4. La Estrella del Norte
  5. La Perla del Oriente
  6. Aguinaldo's
  7. Botica Boie
  8. Beck's
  9. Good Earth
  10. Oceanic



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