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The Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP) of the University of the Philippines (UP) is a scholarship program aimed at providing a method of determining enrollment fees for UP students based on their financial status.



The STFAP was conceived by former UP president Jose Abueva in 1987 and was implemented in 1989. The program initially divided enrollees to nine brackets (one to nine), with bracket one students enjoying free tuition and miscellaneous fee and stipend while bracket nine students pay full tuition and miscellaneous fees. Enrollees were classified as bracket nine students by default and those who sought discounts must apply for STFAP in UP's Office of Scholarship and Student Services (OSS).

When UP's tuition increased by 300 percent in 2006, the STFAP was restructured to five brackets--A to E, based on the enrollee's annual family income and assets (see table below). Bracket A students pay P1,500 per unit while Bracket E students enjoy free tuition and miscellaneous fee and receive a living allowance for the academic year. Enrollees who do not wish to apply for STFAP are automatically placed either under brackets A or B.

The STFAP application is valid for one academic year and is renewable annually.

Current structure

The restructured STFAP (as of first semester, 2007-2008) is composed of five alphabetical brackets, A-E.

Bracket Annual family income Fees/benefits
A More than P1,000,000 Full-cost tuition fee, full miscellaneous and laboratory fees
B P500,001 to P1,000,000 Base tuition fee, full miscellaneous and laboratory fees
C P135,001 to P500,000 40% discount on base tuition fee, full miscellaneous and laboratory fees
D P80,001 to P135,000 70% discount on base tuition fee, full miscellaneous and laboratory fees
E P80,000 or less Free tuition, miscellaneous, and laboratory fees plus standard stipend

For the last bracket, the standard stipend is estimated to be at PhP 12,000 per semester.

STFAP may or may not be compatible with other scholarship grants. If it is a private or a foundation grant, chances are they might allow you too pursue the STFAP as well if your financial situation requires for it.


An STFAP applicant must be a Filipino citizen and an undergraduate student of the university. He or she must not be guilty of any student disciplinary offense that carries a penalty of more than 30 days suspension. An enrollees' bracket is determined bases on his or her family's gross annual income, "family characteristics", and "socio-economic indicators." The STFAP application may be revoked if an applicant falsifies information relevant to his or her application.

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