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In an age of globalization where boundaries of culture and language are overcome by the seemingly limitless expanse of the Internet, websites by Filipinos that take pride in the Philippines and in our culture are rare. WikiPilipinas salutes Pinoys who use the power of the web to keep the spirit of Filipino nationalism alive and who help uplift the image of the Philippines to the rest of the whole wide world.


GNP or Good News Pilipinas is an information website that highlights the good in the Filipinos and the Philippines. It inspires Filipinos by posting positive news and triumphs of Pinoys. GNP also stands for:

  • Galing ng Pinoy
  • Great Nation of Pinoys
  • Gratifying Nice Positive
  • Giving Noble Positive
  • Gracious Noteworthy Precious
  • Genuine Notable Pure


"Yabang Pinoy" promotes abaca braided bands made by men and women in Barangay Ilaya, a community by Laguna Lake, and calls on Filipinos to support locally produced products. Proceeds of Yabang Pinoy go to projects that aim to instill pride among Filipinos.


This site is a collaborative effort by bloggers Lorna Lardizabal-Dietz, Dine Racoma and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado. Previously, whenever one searched the term "Filipina" in the Internet, resulting keywords would primarily include "porn", "Filipina mail-order brides" and "online dating.”'s online campaign has produced a significant change in how Filipinas are viewed by asserting a more empowered and liberating image over the stereotype of Filipinas as sex objects.


This site became famous when it held a “Proudly Pinoy” logo making contest which ran from June 12 to July 19, 2007. The contest generated 297 entries. Joe Talisic won the competition. The project aims to express pride in being a Filipino through the winning logo. Proudly Pinoy administrators encourage Pinoys to download and post the logo in their sites or blogs to shout to the world how proud they are to be Pinoys.


An online community of Filipinos all over the world working together to build a better Philippines by starting with themselves. The movement's objective is to recover and advance the identity of the Filipinos, promote good citizenship and to instill in fellow Filipinos the love, pride and appreciation of one's Filipino identity.




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