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The Oblation Run is the annual tradition of the UP Alpha Phi Omega fraternity (APO). Held every December 16, APO frat members run naked in University of the Philippines campuses.


The First Run

The first ever APO Oblation Run was held in 1977. There are two versions of the story that inspired the run. The first tells about an APO member who run naked to promote "Hubad na Bayani", a play dedicated to their brother Rolly Abad who was killed in a frat rumble months before. In the other version of the story, it was said that Abad run naked in the AS lobby to promote the APO-sponsored play "Hubad na Bayani". A few months later, Abad was killed in a fraternity rumble.

The APO fraternity decided to run naked during their anniversary to commemorate their killed brother. The oblation run also became a form of protest with a certain theme every year and APO members say that the run is also a "Tribute to their Manhood".

Runners Do's and Dont's

It was believed that neophytes or applicants are the participants to the annual run but APO members and officers say that only full-fledged members are allowed to run. The runners are not allowed to touch deliberately a spectator and are not allowed to curse out loud. Each runner hold a rose which he must give, not throw, to any female spectator. They are allowed to remove their mask but nobody has ever done that before.




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