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First of October. The end of Ramadan holiday. It was either a sumptuous feast or a day of rest. But for my BFF Pam and I, it was a marked day for a different, more fabulous reason.

Come dusk we were trudging to the Cultural Center of the Philippines for the Gawad Urian awards night. Thank God the rain had stopped and just left cold weather, chilly enough to call for a lovely warm coat. Pam and I dressed in our Oscars best, donning designer outfits and all. We thought we were fab enough, but no. When Gandang Hari appeared, we were just floored.

Who is Gandang Hari, you ask? “Haree,” as we lovingly call her, completed our chica triumvirate back in school. She now returns to our country after a modeling stint in the United States to pioneer her own channel at the Philippine Online Chronicles (www.thepoc.net), where she will discuss fashion, yoga, and other “sushalities” of hers. She's really glam, promise. I mean, what a way to make her public debut by presenting the Best Actor award, di ba? The press swarmed over her, and with her Criselda Lontok outfit, she definitely made an impression.

For the win

And speaking of impression, my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of this year's Urian. Once again, the independent film industry proved its worth by sweeping all the categories. Tirador, the film by Brillante Mendoza, was the night's biggest winner as it won in five out of the twelve categories. It was the Best Film, Mendoza was Best Director, and Angela Ruiz was named Best Supporting Actress. It also got the Best Cinematography and Best Sound awards.

Sid Lucero from Selda and Jayson Abalos for Endo were tied for Best Actor, while the moving performance of Cherie Pie Picache in Foster Child was rightfully recognized as she was awarded the Best Actress trophy. Emilio Garcia got the Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal of a gay inmate in Selda.

The Urian also paid tribute to the pioneer of Philippine independent cinema, awarding a Natatanging Gawad Urian to Kidlat Tahimik. He really brought the house down when he took off the toga he wore onstage and accepted his award clad only in a bahag!

Popcorn Read

We here in WikiPilipinas are really supportive of the local film industry. Name a film festival or a premiere, and more often than not we have attended it. Aside from showcasing the artistry of the filmmakers, we love the fact that Pinoy films, especially the recent independent wave, explore and encapsulate our culture, history, and heritage.

We love Philippine cinema so much, we've decided that for our October Wikizine we will compile and publish an unofficial guide to Philippine cinema. One that will showcase not just films but also the actors. The love teams. The posters. The memorable movie lines. All the things that make us come back to the dark theater again and again. So watch out for that!

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