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I used to love evaluating my teachers back in college. I enjoyed giving excellent remarks to those who did their jobs very well, and also got much satisfaction out of failing those who, well, deserved the worst comments. Whether we like it or not, these people whom, same as our parents, we did not choose, had a great deal of influence in our lives. Primarily they shaped our education, but other things such as our critical thinking and communication skills were likewise harnessed. Moreover, some of our mentors became so inspiring that we emulated their examples and pursued the same aspirations that they did.

Mrs. Fuentebella was my teacher in world history back in high school. I recall she used to talk very passionately about the lives of the great world leaders. She related to us spectacular stories about Genghis Khan, Constantine the Great, Elizabeth II, and I was seriously hooked. I looked forward to the days when we had history class, and on the days that we didn't I pored over books and manuscripts to learn more about the topics. She opened me up to the social sciences, and was the reason why I took up Anthropology and Sociology in the first place.

Some of my friends, however, were so inspired by their teachers that they are now teachers themselves. When we get together they relate stories about their students, probably the same way our former mentors talked about us to their friends.

Oh wait, no. I forgot that students are so into technology nowadays that they vent their frustrations online. Yep, you guessed it: through their blogs. Joseph, a chum of mine, googled himself (don't call him vain, we're all guilty of this), and among the results he found one angry rant about him then recently posted. Apparently a student whose report he dissed got very upset, and wrote how angry she was at him. Joseph just got a laugh out of the whole situation, but the blog entry is now perennially online. Oh well.

Go Go Gadget!

Speaking of technology, I heard on the radio that the first Consumer Electronics Live Manila will take place this weekend at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. It is dubbed as the country's largest gadget and electronics expo yet, and all the major companies will be showcasing their latest products.

I'll be dropping by. I like to be surrounded by machines (even though I cannot understand them all, lol). I heard that appliances will be included in the exhibit, which is perfect as our family's refrigerator recently broke down. Mom now wants one of those with electronic schedulers, sosyal.

Students might also find something that they need for their studies. Remember what we talked about last week? Surely there are gadgets there that will assist you in reaching that A+.

What to wear

And of course, it's also Fashion Week! It's at the same venue, the SMX Convention Center. Filipino designers will be showing off their Spring/Summer 2009 collections this time. Included in the line-up are Frederick Peralta, Happy Andrada, Renee Salud, and Arnold Galang, among others. Also, the finale show for Project Runway Philippines will take place, and surely I would not miss that one. See you there!

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