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You know how it is when you're doing one thing then it leads to another discovery and then another? The kind of geeky excitement people experience once in a while. Well, I had my dose of that recently. Let me tell you my story.


Blog Awards

I was enjoying a peaceful Sunday evening watching the live feed of the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards from my laptop (gotta love technology these days!). A netizen myself, I am 100% supportive of the Philippine blogging community. Some blogs that I follow regularly were nominated this year in various categories, and I was silently cheering for them. However, I think I jinxed them for some reason since none of them won a single award. Sad. Still, a big congrats to the 2008 blogging awardees. You guys got one more reader in me!

Yes, curiosity got the best of me. After the event, I checked all the blogs that won. I must say, the judges of the 2nd Bloggies got it right. Some websites were really outstanding, like Cokskiblue, (ThisIsCoy.net) winner of the Best Video Blog. Coy, I enjoyed your videos, especially your award-winning “We Love Trinoma!” episode. And then there's Ferdinand of En Route (Ironwulf.net), whose dedication to blogging about travel is admirable. This is cliché, but the guy takes his readers to places through his words and images.


It was during my surfing of Ironwulf.net that I stumbled upon the New7Wonders of Nature campaign. I followed a commenter who posted a link of the official site (www.new7wonders.com), and was astounded by what I discovered. The idea of New7Wonders is to shed light to the conservation and preservation of different monuments worldwide. The organizers used the idea of an election, in which through Internet voting, the public nominated and selected seven heritage sites as constituents of the modern wonders.

The idea was a resounding success. More than 100 million votes were cast, testifying to the collective passion and concern of the people. Last July 7, 2007, they inaugurated the New 7 Wonders of the World, which included stunning landmarks such as Taj Majal in India, the Roman Colosseum in Italy, and the Petra in Jordan. The Great Wall of China, which was in the list of Seven Ancient Wonders, still made it to the modern list, indicating the lasting impression of the structure.

Here's where we come in

Now, they're doing it again. And here's the good part: we now have a shot of making it to the list! The election for the New7Wonders of Nature is currently ongoing at www.new7wonders.com/nature. The organizers have already selected 77 nominees to be considered by the public, four of which are proudly Filipino. I am sure you have heard of Mayon Volcano, dubbed as the most perfect cone volcano in the world? No? How about Chocolate Hills, the little mountains of brown and green in Bohol? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have been taught about these two geological wonders during first grade.

Then there is Tubbataha Reef, the marine sanctuary in Sulu Sea home to thousands of endemic marine species. And the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park will now gain its much-deserved worldwide prominence upon being included in the final 77. Actually, and I say this with glee, the Palawan spot is now number one in the rankings as I am writing this (can you sense my grin?).

After December 31, 2008, only one national nominee per country will be eligible to proceed to the 2009 voting, so make sure that your favorite Philippine spot is ranked the highest on the list. Balloting will continue until July 7 next year, after which a committee will review the top 77 and choose 21 finalists. That list will be announced on July 21, 2009.

Shout out

I can't stress this more, but I will say it again: support the Philippine wonders of nature! Do your part by voting! As for me, I'll make sure the WikiPilipinas articles on the four nominated wonders get the best treatment. Shout out to readers Natalie, Anna B., and Joel Bigtacion! Thanks for the emails! That's it for now! Send your comments, suggestions, and reactions to mindy@wikipilipinas.org. Can't wait to read the mail every week, you know. So there, see ya!

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