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Glenmore Shoes is a well respected Filipino Shoe brand, established in the early 1960's by the late Founder Juan Aquino Santos and wife Concepcion Emeterio Santos.


Founder, JUAN Santos "Don Juan" started his humble beginnings on the streets of Manila as a cordwainer, repairing and shining shoes. Pleased with his passion for the craft, clients asked him to make them their very own pair of shoes. After customizing one pair and more after, people, clients and his family were truly fascinated and offered him help to start up his very own shoe store. With the help of his wife Concepcion, they started their very own shoe shop named after his initials J.A.S. Shoes. Soon after his wife and children adapted the name Glenmore Shoes from Juan's favorite scotch and continuously pursued customizing shoes in Manila and all other locations. With it's factory located at San Mateo, Rizal and Main Branch at the Univesity Belt, Recto, Manila, the family pursued the passion for handcrafted leather shoes, boots and accessories.

Glenmore Shoes Introduced itself in-lined with the classic footwear fashion the mainstream men’s fashion, oxfords, Brogues, and loafer styles. From the early American fashion influence, Glenmore Shoes produced Western Boots and leather basketball boots to their raving fans. From British fashion influence, they introduced winkle pickers, the desert boots and chukka boots.

During the late 60's, Glenmore Shoes liberated the Filipinos from traditional footwear and offered nostalgic designs of the Indian Mocassins, Chelsea Boots (Popularized by the Beatles), Go-go Boots, Pumps and Platforms. With it's ingenious concept of Made to Order Services "PASADYA" Filipinos expressed themselves with their own design, concept and artwork with their shoes. At the height of freedom and liberation expressions, Glenmore Shoes opened several retail branches from, the Harison Plaza, Rustan's Cubao, Robinson's Ermita, Olongapo City, Quad Makati.

In the 70's, suppressed by Martial Law, Filipinos continued to express their freedom by mixing and matching classic and modern footwear designs with Glenmore Shoes. Psychedelic and Bright colored Boots and Shoes were born. Influenced by the British designs, the rebellious Creepers, Glenmore Shoes introduced the "Creepfurs" (Punk Rock Monk shoes) By 1975, the shoes lost the high platforms, and the wedge heels became lower and lower. By the end of the decade, high heels returned in a light and strappy form. Flat and heeled brogues moved into the fashion trends, as do loafers and man-styled oxfords.

Within the late 70's to early 80's, Athleticism came into trend. Glenmore Shoes customized leather sporting shoes for bowling, basketball and other active footwear needs as well. During the 80's Glenmore Shoes expanded retail operations from Ortigas, Robinson's Galleria, Maharlika in Baguio City and Ever Gotesco.

During the Mid 80's and 90's the anti-fashion uniform, punk scene was expressed with grunge boots (Strung up 10 hole boots) to compliment the street wear fashion. Sandals also came into role aswell and Glenmore Shoes has introduced the Trojan Sandals, Three Ring Sandals and the Palos Verdes.

After the Founder "Juan A. Santos" passed away, Glenmore Shoes has ceased all operations for a number of years. And After decades and generations of service, customers and fans of Glenmore Shoes enlightens the second and third generation of the family to continue the craft by starting up it's operations again. From the basics of handmade leather footwear, Glenmore Shoes is rooting back to it's humble beginnings as one of your choice for Filipino handcrafted Shoes and Leather accessories.

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